7 Days on Keto: A Millennial’s Take

Let me start with some background on myself and my eating habits. To summarize, they’re horrible. I eat fried foods about 90% of the time and I get Taco Bell almost every single night after work (never before 9 pm). Before that, I was studying abroad in Italy where you can probably imagine, I ate carbs on carbs on carbs. Needless to say, I gained 40 pounds in the past year.

I was riding this carb high until I went to the doctor recently and she told me some alarming health concerns and shared that my resting heart rate was 100+ and she measured it twice. That’s when I decided to start the Keto diet inspired by my friend Mahana, shoutout to her, and am now on day 8.

So to start just a simple explanation and a couple of warnings. The Keto diet depends on your body entering ketosis which means you’re going to start burning fat for fuel. To get into Ketosis, you have to eat little to no carbs and high fats – going against every diet you’ve ever done or read about. In order to stay under your daily allotted intake, you need to start tracking your macros which is way easier than it sounds.

I prefer using the Keto Diet App. You just input your weight and fat percentage and it’ll give you your macros and adjust it along the way as you lose weight.

The Pros

I love this diet. I have never felt like I’ve had more resources for a diet as I have for Keto. There are substitutes for everything you can possibly crave and easy recipes that allow you to indulge in your favorite foods (everything is smothered in cheese!).  I spent my weeks eating keto pizza, keto burgers, keto taco salads, buffalo wild wing traditional wings, keto cookies and keto cheesecakes.

The Cons

It’s unfortunately very easy to mess up some of the recipes and that sets off the whole taste of it. However, if you do get it right, it tastes almost as good as the real deal. If you’re new to Keto and still collecting your keto kitchen it can be very expensive but moving forward when you settle into a normal grocery cycle, it becomes more cost efficient. Lastly, I find it quite difficult to eat out with my friends sometimes since everything has some sort of carbs in it and whenever I do find something it’s not very filling.

But ultimately,


And I feel better than ever so Keto is definitely going to be something I stick with for a long time.

Until Next Time,

ReeWoman measuring her waist

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